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GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS works with world-class lifestyle experience designers, architects, interior designers, sustainable consultants, landscape artists, and technologists to conceive exceptional new residential communities and transform existing properties to speak to the most discerning tastes and emotional needs. We work to create unique, vibrant, and engaging communities that help create lasting bonds between our residents,their neighbors, and the properties they live in.

Our secret is our people. GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS only works with people who are collaborative, passionate, and innovative. People who model integrity in everything they do. People who empathize with customers and anticipate needs, always ready to solve problems and exceed expectations. People who embrace challenges as opportunities and celebrate shared wins as a team. This is how we continue to win awards, receive glowing reviews, and earn business from our investors, partners, and, most importantly, our residents. If this sounds like you, come join us.



We must operate our communities as platforms for our residents’ success. Everything we do must center around our mission of inspiring people to reach for their full potential — by meeting their needs, addressing issues promptly, and putting kindness at the core of our relationship with them.


We must provide an inclusive workplace where we celebrate the diversity of our teams and recognize their achievements. We must foster an environment of fulfillment and connect their contributions with purpose in their roles. We must demonstrate a productive work-life balance so our team members can fulfill their personal responsibilities. We must provide a culture of safety and innovation where collaboration is not only encouraged but required. We must provide clear direction at every level, as well as training and support to encourage our team members to reach for their full potential. Our leaders must be capable, fair, and honest.


Our communities must provide value to society and help solve the housing crisis in our nation. We must actively support policies that enable housing to become more affordable to renters. We must concentrate our efforts on building housing near job centers and promoting walkability and use of public transportation, thereby reducing the carbon impacts in our environment and in our communities. We must be environmentally conscious, ensuring our buildings are always built and operated to a standard that promotes sustainability. We must deliver the best quality buildings in the locations where they are needed most.


In our endeavors, we must earn a responsible return. We must be an industry leader in our research. We must continuously promote technology and process innovations. We must maintain reserves to weather unfavorable times and conduct ourselves in ways that minimize risk to our partners. We must add value to our partnerships by finding and executing on the best investment opportunities that meet their objectives.

These principles are the foundation of what we believe and who we are.

Business hours: Monday to Friday(9:00-18:00)

Contact number:+3530871797023


Company address:1f,Block B,The Cresent Building,Dublin9 Ireland

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