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GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS  is comprised of two entities, Acquisition and Asset Management, which are charged with securing and executing the most attractive multi-family investment opportunities in each of the primary, Ireland, the United Kingdom and other European Union members.

GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS  seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through a process of fundamental, bottom-up analysis. This philosophy allows us to invest across the different multi-family risk spectrum. Investments typically involve the purchase of multifamily assets that we believe offer long-term, predictable, sustainable cash flow or are undervalued or inefficiently managed or financed. Our goal is to create sustainable, socially connected places where people work, live, and enjoy life. We create communities that inspire each person to become their best self.

Each opportunity is then enhanced by working within GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS 's fully integrated platform:Redevelopment, Construction and Residential to maximize available returns. This combination of efforts allows us to specifically tailor our product focus and deliver on each asset’s individual objectives.


GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS has established itself as a premier developer of core urban infill residential and mixed-use trophy communities with a disciplined focus on high barrier-to-entry markets that appeal to the rising creative class.  Within these markets we select locations that are walkable to rapidly expanding employment centers or transit hubs that serve these targeted employment centers.

Through a unique combination of entitlement, finance and design expertise, we consistently deliver superior returns to our partners and financial participants.  We set ourselves apart as leaders and teammates through creative design, construction expertise, and a detailed approach to the development process.  Leveraging our financial acumen with the operational skills of our in-house management company, we optimize project performance by specifically targeting our communities to the changing demands of prospective residents.  By balancing the economic demands of each deal with the politics of the entitlement process and a respect for neighboring uses, our unique expertise enables us to find recognized value in exceptional development opportunities.


GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS is now engaged in the management of over 20 communities with ancillary office and retail space in Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries. We consistently outperform our peers in revenue growth with our fully integrated operating platform that maximizes asset value, drives qualified demand, attracts high rent payers, and elevates tenant retention. This translates to a higher NOI and ultimately a higher asset value.

Each regional office is led by a Vice President who is directly supported by Regional Property Managers. The regional teams are directly linked with GIH’s corporate office through dedicated property-specific accountants, multi-layered support divisions and policy-driven processes dedicated to accuracy and accountability.


The GREEN ISLAND HOLDINGS’s Redevelopment team has been involved in the acquisition and reposition of over 50 assets spanning over 12,000 units. The team has successfully deployed over $150M in capital improvements including roof replacement on over 7,000 units, complete residing of six properties, numerous exterior repaints, and over 60 clubhouse renovations, among other exterior enhancements. By standardizing our approach to interior renovation, we are able to streamline purchasing and installations across and allow the team to execute our strategy immediately upon transition.

The GIH redevelopment team takes a very active role in the acquisition process. We are able to quickly review the exterior needs of an asset from a cursory review and give our acquisition team necessary and swift feedback on the estimated capital needs of the property for use in underwriting. Once an asset is under contract, the team is involved in a thorough due diligence process that includes an extensive exterior review of the physical plant and a full interior unit evaluation. As needed, destructive testing is conducted when substantial structural or system issues are in question. In many cases, we are able to identify hidden damage that is not easily identified during a cursory review.


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Company address:1f,Block B,The Cresent Building,Dublin9 Ireland

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